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Baird s trogon - Trogon bairdii  species of gray and red bird belonging to the family Trog

Baird's Trogon

Explore Latin America!

Costa Rica: Endemics and Near-endemics

February 8-22, 2025 (from $5,300)

This trip explores the southern portion of Costa Rica. You'll visit cloud forests above 8,000 feet, explore tropical rainforests in the southeastern part of Costa Rica, and take a pelagic birding trip off Montezuma Costa Rica. The trip focuses on seeing birds whose range is restricted to western Panama and Costa Rica.

Coppery-headed Emerald, Elvira cupreiceps, beautiful hummingbird from La Paz Cordillera de

Bird the Amazonia Peru

December 1-12, 2025 (from $5.300)

You'll bird the mighty Amazon, and visit a new reserve, home to six nely discovered bird species. You also  walk among an endangered indigenous tribe, and gawk at the views from a stunning canopy walkway.

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