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A perched bay headed tanager

Bay-headed Tanager

Costa Rica Birding Hotspots: February 20-March 4, 2024

This trip offers visits to many of Costa Rica's best birding locations. Habitats range from cloud forests to lowland tropical rainforests. Different ecosystems mean we'll also see a variety of plants, birds, and other animals. Our trip includes two of the top three hotspots for birding according to eBird.

Birding Amazonian Peru: December 1-12, 2024

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Amazon? We spend six full days exploring the Napo River area, including multiple trips into a spectacular canopy walkway.  You'll also walk in the most diverse forest in the world, a home to four new bird species.

Galapagos Islands: October 29-November 9, 2024

Just the name of the Galapagos usually piques interest. Our trip takes a maximum of 16 passengers, plus our guide and crew. We'll visit the western islands in the Galapagos. Our journey begins with a day of birding in Guayaquill, Ecuador.

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