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Nova Scotia & Newfoundland: June 26-July 9, 2025

Visting Nova Scotia is a step back to more simple times, with pastoral landscapes, stunning coastlines and Canadians who seem about as friendly as any people you'll encounter anywhere. Newfoundland is Nova Scotia to an extreme. The Avalon Peninsula offers jaw-dropping coastlines and wildlife encounters almost impossible to imagine. We'll visit the second largest Northern Gannett colony in the world, encounter humpback whales incredibly close to land, and gawk at the hundreds of thousands of birds that fill the air at Bay Bulls.

Cape St. Mary's-Gannet-Colony
Newfoundland Rarities: January 13-19, 2025

Our weeklong journey focuses on Northern Hemisphere rarities. You're cetain to add multiple life birds that are almost to spot outside of winter.

Yellow-legged gull
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