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Malachite Kingfisher; Alcedo Cristata; K

Malachite Kingfisher

Small Group Nature Travel Done Differently

Roaming Naturalists offers small-group nature tours to select travel destinations.  We customize our trips to offer you opportunities unmatched by other travel operators. In South Africa, you can safely walk where giraffe, zebra, and many antelope species graze. In Costa Rica, we visit a family and glimpse what everyday life is like for Ticos. And in Nova Scotia, we enjoy lunch at a farmhouse over 100 years old that sits on the appropriately nicknamed "Warbler Alley."


North America Tours

Our North America Tours focus on Yellowstone National Park and Nova Scotia/Newfoundland


Africa Tours

We offer small group travel to South Africa, Botswana and Eastern Africa

scarlet capped manakin.jpg

Latin America Tours

Latin America offerings include Costa Rica, the Galapagos Islands, Peru and more@

What others say about Roaming Naturalists Tours

Steve, this has been the trip of a lifetime! New birds and African animals constantly. The hide animal/birding experience view was one of the best if not THE BEST ever!

                                                                 Joe C, Baltimore, MD

You made miracles happen, and this trip was truly once in a lifetime! You can use a number of adjectives to describe it, AWESOME, spectacular, wonderful, etc. And I thought you couldn't beat Costa Rica!

                                                                 Don K, Moscow, OH

Steve, we had a great time AGAIN, benefitting from your knolwedge par excellence

                                                              David E, Helena, MT

What's your cancellation policy?
Your trips seem cheaper than many others?
I offer a very competitive price. Compare where my trips go, and for how long and you'll notice far lower prices. How is this possible? You're not paying a middleman with my trips. Along with a local expert, I'm guiding your excursion, so you're not paying a naturalist AND a company. I also try with every trip to offer something not available with other vendors. The trips you see on this site are hand-picked by me to work with tour companies that I know well or were highly recommended by locals in the target country. I can't afford to be sloppy with my trips as I'm relying on word of mouth and return clients. I work as hard as any guide to ensure a "once-in-a-lifetime" excursion for you and your loved ones.

Do you require trip insurance?

We VERY strongly recommend all participants purchase trip insurance to cover the entire costs of trips. Call us today if you would like help finding quality travel insurance.

Who Might be Interested in Trips with Roaming Naturalists?

People who want more than just a quick glance to check a bird off on a list. I ensure that everybody gets a good look at a bird or other animal before moving on. We'll also spend some time figuring out why the animal is behaving the way it is. When I see animal tracks, I'm going to spend some time unraveling the mystery of the story before us. If butterflies abound, we're going to stop and enjoy the spectacle...and try to identify the colorful insect. If a casual pace fits your personality, then you are exactly the type of person I cater my trips toward.

How many experiences do you Have Leading Trips?

I started leading my first trips, primarily to the Yellowstone Park area in the late 1990s. I also led my first trip to Costa Rica in 1999. I have participated in many guided trips. What I offer "stole" the best of what I've seen on those trips and ran far away from the bad parts.

Is where we're going safe?

Your safety is my primary concern. I will not lead any trips to parts of the word where I think doing so would place us in imminent danger.

Doesn't all this travel impact climate change?

Anything we do that uses fossil fuels adds to the gloomy picture of a warming climate. I buy carbon offsets for every participant on my trips. If everyone who traveled did the same, then most of the energy we used would be generated through renewable resources.

I don't see the trip I want!
Contact me! I'm happy to arrange a custom trip for you or your group.
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